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Our Guarantees

Our top goal is to keep you secure. Through our “Premium Outscore Guarantee,” we promise to offer the most affordable rates. Everything you paid for will be delivered. Every day of the week, 24 hours a day, professional expertise is available to assist. If matters don’t proceed according to schedule on the day, we’ll keep you make you aware and offer additional choices.

Press Room

Our organization has a fantastic newsroom on the website, commonly referred to as an online media room. It provides researchers with a resource to learn more about the business and its offerings. Additionally, also offers a central area for all bios, emblems, and media releases.

Community Relations

Building strong community relationships is our company’s primary goal. The fundamental tenet of community interactions is that whenever a business embraces its municipal duty and actively pursues the welfare of its neighborhood, also reaps several long-term rewards in respect of support from the public, devotion, and the promotion of goodwill.

Join Us

The options are infinite since our organization offers various potential jobs and responsibilities. Join us to achieve remarkable milestones in your life since, for a business to operate effectively; we need abilities from all views.

Who We Are?

Throughout the field of marketing, Our company is high on peaks of achievements. Anyone can search, purchase, and obtain a mailing list utilizing a couple of simple taps using the exclusive address book system, unique for the market, and connect with business desired prospects. We possess the most acceptable premium relationship in the industry and present our offerings at meager costs. 

Typically, our customers utilize our email addresses for various targeted marketing programs. Even though we are hardly the lone data sellers nowadays, our superior service distinguishes ahead. To maintain our mail records current, we collaborate with Electrostatic precipitators and ISPs. Our goal is to offer a thoroughly vetted and new mailing list.

We give you the accurate data that is most useful for your business. Our business ensures that every worker has access to economic opportunity. Although it seems simple, it isn’t easy to condense all our firm has accomplished onto a single page when you consider the thousands of acquisitions and initiatives it has been a part of.

What Is An Email List?

An email list is only a collection of emails comprising website viewers who have expressed a desire to obtain news, announcements, promotions, and other content about your company in an electronic version delivered to the email account.

Why Do I Need An Email List?

Building an email list is essential since it’s the most effective approach to developing a special connection with prospective clients. You are not merely a public announcement that someone reads and then deletes; you are in the inbox with other crucial messages from your friends, colleagues, and employer.

Is Buying An Email List A Good Idea?

It is a waste of money to buy a list, it affects your sender’s reputation, and it devalues any genuine email sending you may conduct. It’s not worth it! Any investment your company makes, especially in email marketing, should be maximized.

Is Selling An Email List Illegal?

Selling an email list to someone you know would use it for spam might be considered a conspiracy. No explicit legislation prevents the sale of email lists in the United States. The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 is a law that governs spam.

Are Email Lists Illegal?

Although purchasing an email list is permissible, using it to send marketing messages to those who haven’t given their explicit consent may be against the law.

How Accurate Is Your Data?

The information is accurate if the presented numbers are reliable and precise, even as the name suggests. Format and substance are the two crucial aspects of this, and record-keeping must be careful in both areas to be considered accurate.

How Do You Compile Your Databases?

A database for compile choices is a compilation database. It keeps track of the parameters applied while creating the project’s files. We compile our databases using social media platforms. Our main focus is to supply business contacts.

How Quickly Will I Receive My List?

Within a few days, you can have your list. It will be well-planned and permitted.

In What Format Will My List Be Delivered?

The most popular formats for sending email lists are clear text & HTML.

Is Your Site Secure?

There is zero risk of fraud on our website. Instead of “HTTP,” a secured URL will start with “HTTPS.” Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate usage is indicated by the “s” in “HTTPS,” which stands for secure.

What Are Your Terms And Conditions?

Our business written provisions are general terms and conditions. They are organized to contain everything relating to an agreement. This agreement may be reached between different business owners or between business owners and clients.

What Is Your Privacy Policy?

Our company privacy policy provides security to your data by working on several data processing principles, including automatically collected information like your  IP address, browser type, internet services, etc. Along with that, a journal geological location, information provided by others, and anonymization of your data.

How To Buy An Email List?

First, open the original website to buy an email list, where you will find authentic, human-verified data with various categorizations. Secondly, go for a category of your interest and open it. After that, you will observe the list, and in front of each will be the cost you need to buy. Click on it, pay the cost amount and easily download the list.

Where Can I Buy An Email List?

You can easily buy an email list from our website under the ready-made category lists that consist of multiple email lists categorized in groups. Click on the category of interest, and you will find a list of which you can buy. Log in and go to payment methods, and after clearing it, you can download the list.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy An Email List?

The value of an email list is determined by the caliber of the emails and the demographics of the list’s subscribers. The following variables can determine how much an email list costs: For every 1,000 emails, a customer list charges approximately $100 and $400. (CPM) For every 1,000 emails, a business list costs between $600 and $1000. (CPM).

How Can I Buy A Targeted Email List?

You can visit the website to download the targeted email and check the pricing information. After that, you can download a sample to get an idea. Once clarified, you can place your order online to get your list by downloading the desired email list within seconds.

Are All Your Lists 100% Accurate?

We provide over 95% accuracy guarantee rather than 100%, and if the privacy is under 95%, we compensate it by giving free data credits until 95% accuracy is satisfied. In low precision, the users report against hard bounce; once it is confirmed, the data credit is provided.

How Will Our Lists Be Delivered Once Our Order Has Been Processed? (Instant)

Once your order is processed, you will get your list within seconds through the email you provided earlier.

Can I Feed Your Files Into Crm Software Easily?

Yes, you can feed your files Into Crm Software easily as all CRM platforms can open our.csv files.

Why Is Your Data So Cheap?

We don’t modify our costs for each consumer and have a clear pricing policy. We want to connect with as many clients as possible, especially new and small companies.

What Should I Keep In Mind When Ordering An Email List?

Accurate target audience selection is the most crucial factor. We created our online list-builder tool with this objective in mind. Your success rate will be higher, you’ll be happy, and you’ll want to buy more email addresses from us if you pick the correct demographic to promote your goods to.

Are You Gdpr Compliant?

All of our data is GDPR compliant.

I want to contact other firms to market my company’s products; can I use your email lists? 

Yes, you can use our email lists if you want to contact other firms to market the company’s products. For your purposes, we do indeed sell the B2B mailing list.

Why Should I Trust You As I Want To Place My Order, But I Have Certain Doubts Regarding The Accuracy Of The Data? 

We have multiple reasons to make you trust us. First, we hold an EV SSL certificate that clarifies that it’s a US Corporation company that is authentic. We have different membership from marketing organizations such as papas.org, nama.org, and many more that Symantec and McAfee verify. If you still find an issue, you can contact our customer support to clarify your trust issues with authentic and verified references.

Are All Of Your Business Databases Up To Date And Current? When Were Your Listings Last Updated?

Yes, our business databases are up to date and have recently been updated in April 2022, providing 95% accuracy and authentic email contacts. 

Do You Offer Special Discounts If We Would Like To Purchase More Than One Product From Your B2b And B2c Databases?

Yes, we do offer special discounts if you make your first purchase. After your 1st successful purchase, you will get a 10% discount on your 2nd Order.  

Which Types Of Payment Methods Does Your Company Accept?

Our company accepts bitcoin as a payment method and offers an authentic business list and emails to those interested in purchasing. 

Is It Possible To Order Customized Business Lists Or Email Lists?

It is possible to order a customized business list or email list. All you need is to visit the business list section, opt for customization and then pay for your list to get it by email.

Some companies will only let me access contacts through a Web-based application: Do you share the actual data files, or do you just help us market without letting us see the data like others do?

We do not allow access to our data files until you make a purchase. After a successful purchase, you get access to open data files from us easily.

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